Deep-Tissue Massage

We relax you from head to toe

Revitalizing Deep-Tissue Massage

Say Good-Bye to Chronic Aches With Our Massages

Chronic aches and pains can be stressful and affect your daily life. Relax your muscles and relieve pain with the deep-tissue massage from Lux Spa. Our techniques include cross-fiber, friction, and trigger-point therapies. They help in reducing the pain in your neck, shoulder blades, and your upper and lower back. Expect us to do all the massages in private rooms.
Deep tissue massage

Our Deep-Tissue Massage Price List

  • 30 min- $40
  • 60 min- $50
  • 90 min- $80
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Expect us to use cross-fiber, friction, and trigger point therapy to relieve your pain.
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